Who is Anna? 

     Anna began this journey at a very young age with music. While in attendance at a strict catholic grade school, combined with how confusing adolescence is, she found that music gave her a voice she seemed to understand. Participating in school musicals and singing in church, Anna felt drawn to perform. So she did just that every opportunity she could get her hands on. Shortly after her musical awakening, Anna eagerly followed this path studying mostly classical voice as her talents continued to bloom. Soon after she fell in love with singing, she discovered the art of acting in the good old American musical Children Of Eden in her first lead role as Yonah the servant girl. Thus she began seriously pursuing musical theater in hopes that one day she could call herself an actress. 


     Anna grew up in a sweet, safe, bubble land called Naperville Illinois located an hour outside of Chicago. She lived there until she moved away for the first time seeking higher education. She found her second home and new found purpose in her passions at Millikin University. Relocating to small town Decatur Illinois, she learned not just how to be a performer, but what it means to be an artist. Fulled with a hunger to create, she finished her educational career achieving a life long dream graduating with a BFA in musical theater.


     Since then, Anna has been exploring what she has to offer as an artist and specifically as an actress in this wild profession partly by expanding her horizons. She is very proud of how far she has come and the woman she is turning out to be while she continues to grow and navigate life in the Windy City. She has been recently seen performing, bumbling around, figuring things out and having fun exploring the Chicago land area where she currently resides, for now.

My Mission

       I have come far and continue to grow as an entertainer in this incredible process we call life. I believe in the importance and utter necessity of art in this world. With what I have to offer I will do what I can to keep it relevant and alive. 

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